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This is how the Kids In Need Foundation operates: through a national network of Resource Centers, teachers can get free supplies for their students who are in need. We do not donate supplies directly to other organizations or families. The supplies must be acquired through teachers who have shopping privileges at the Resource Centers. All supplies donated to us by manufacturers and retailers go immediately to the Resource Centers. We do not have a warehouse from which we can draw supplies, so we do not donate supplies directly to other organizations, schools, families, or individuals.

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Free School Supplies For Kids Who Need Them

The Kids In Need Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1995. The Foundation's mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.

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What Teachers Say

I would like to thank you immensely for the items I selected at your center. Everything from the note pads to the GeoSafari computer lessons are high-caliber items that SE Academy students and staff genuinely appreciate. Your center is providing students and staff with a plethora of tools, which will definitely assist us in our quest to reach excellence. I commend you and your staff and especially the folks at Kids In Need. This is a well thought out operation. It is quite refreshing to experience a true resource center. Kids In Need has set the standard for others to follow!

Thanks, Frank Hall, M.Ed. SouthEast Academy of Scholastic Excellence PCS, Washington, D.C.

In my classroom, I have this cabinet stocked with wonderful supplies that I have been able to get because of A Gift For Teaching, a member of the National Network of Kids In Need Resource Centers. The first day of the school year, I always show the cabinet to my students and I tell them, “Everything in this classroom is yours. You have these items because someone’s given them to you. Just look what they’ve done for you and they don’t even know you.”

Just this past month, a sixth grader named Billy came to class the entire first week of school wearing the same tattered shirt and jeans each day. I knew that this particular boy was living in a homeless shelter and had nothing but the clothes on his back. One morning, I took him aside in private and brought him to my cabinet. Because of AGFT, I was able to outfit him with everything that a student needs—backpack, paper, pencils—everything. In his eyes, I could see that I had earned his trust because before, nobody wanted to help him…and now he knows that there are people who care.

Most of my students don’t have people in their lives who can give them what they need. They live their lives listening to false promises, and if I didn’t have the product, I’d still be a good teacher, but I wouldn’t be able to earn their respect. But because of AGFT, I do and I can follow through, help them, be there for them, and encourage them that this, the classroom, is THEIR place.

Billy now attends school everyday—he even arrives early. Look what you’ve given these children and you don’t even know them. Thank you for what you’ve done for them. They may not know who you are but I can assure you they feel the love and care when I open the doors to my cabinet and they see everything you’ve given them.

I believe it is our job as a community to show these children from example how important it is to care for each other, take care of each other, and love one another. This is not just product you are giving them. Just like Billy, you are giving these children another reason to keep going, to not give up. Come in and meet my students. Let me show you. Look at their faces. And you’ll know that what you do makes more of a difference in the lives of these kids than you can ever imagine.

David Steffey, Sixth Grade Teacher Howard Middle School, Orlando, Florida

What Kids Say

Thank you for giving us the wonderful things. I want you to know how wonderful you are. I wish I knew you. Sometimes I want to say thank you so loud that everybody can hear me. You gave me the only surprise I ever had.
-- Shanetris

I really thank you for the supplies and support you have put in our school. The pencils and paper. I really thank you for the love your company put in us.
-- Xavier

I would like to thank you for giving us line paper because a lot of us in Mr. Clapp’s class don’t have a lot of paper to use in class. Some of us don’t have any paper at all so we have to ask kids around us for paper and it gets really boring, so now we only have to go behind Mr. Clapp’s desk and get paper.

Desiree, elementary school student

Kids In Need Foundation Annual Report - 2010

The Kids In Need Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity founded in 1995. Contributions to Kids In Need are tax-deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.

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