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This is how the Kids In Need Foundation operates: through a national network of Resource Centers, teachers can get free supplies for their students who are in need. We do not donate supplies directly to other organizations or families. The supplies must be acquired through teachers who have shopping privileges at the Resource Centers. All supplies donated to us by manufacturers and retailers go immediately to the Resource Centers. We do not have a warehouse from which we can draw supplies, so we do not donate supplies directly to other organizations, schools, families, or individuals.

National Sponsors

Target is the National Sponsor of The National Network Of Resource Centers

Target - National Sponsor Target is committed to providing educational support for America's teachers, classrooms and school facilities. Target supports several national programs, each specialized to a particular need, with the overall mission being to provide K-12 teachers nationwide with the best possible resources for educating the children that will be shaping the future of our country.

Target is the national sponsor of Kids In Need Teacher Resource Centers, a program putting free school supplies in the hands of teachers and students. Target is committed to supporting Kids in Need and its mission by providing funding and resources to Resource Centers throughout the country.

Since opening its doors, Target has given five percent of its income to organizations that support education, social services and the arts. Today that translates to $3 million every week.

The Dixon Ticonderoga Company is the National Pencil Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

Dixon TiconderogaThe Dixon Ticonderoga Company has a rich heritage,with origins dating back to 1795. Known for quality, integrity, respect, and perseverance, Dixon Ticonderoga strives daily to continue that tradition. Making a difference is important to the company. Volunteers from Dixon Ticonderoga devote their time, talents, and energy to help make their community and the world a better place to live.

Dixon Ticonderoga is a strong supporter of local school systems. Dixon donates product to enable teachers in underprivileged classrooms to obtain needed supplies by being the National Pencil Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation. Pencils and other product from Dixon are made available to the Kids In Need National Network of Resource Centers where teacher go to obtain free school supplies for their students.

The Kids In Need Foundation is fortunate to partner with Dixon, which enhances the level of support we can offer to the 3.6 million students and more than 120,000 teachers we serve annually.

BIC is the National Pen Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

BICBIC® products provide easy answers for everyday needs. In creating its first product, the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen, BIC chose to go straight to what's essential: create something simple, yet reliable, which eases something we all do, that everyone can use. This vision is at the heart of every brand move BIC makes.

In 2010, BIC's contributions to its communities surpassed more than 0.5% of pre-tax profits in the form of local or global product donations and financial aid for philanthropic organizations. BIC also encourages employee involvement in communities.

BIC corporate social responsibility includes support of the Kids In Need Foundation as the National Pen Sponsor. Teachers shopping at the Kids In Need National Network of Resource Centers will be able to provide students most in need with writing instruments crucial to participating in their classroom learning experiences.

The Kids In Need Foundation welcomes BIC as a partner and greatly appreciates being part of BIC's ongoing efforts to make communities and the world better places for all of us.

Crayola is the National Kids Coloring Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

CrayolaCrayola, a leader in children's creative expression products, has partnered with the Kids In Need Foundation to ensure that Crayola Kid Coloring products are part of our National Network of Resource Centers and school supply giveaways. Kids In Need provides free school supplies to 3.6 million children annually.

Crayola LLC, based in Easton, Pa. and a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards Incorporated, is the worldwide leader in children's creative expression products. Known for the iconic Crayola crayon first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create everything imaginable. Consumers can find the wide array of Crayola products in the "Crayola Aisle" at all major retailers.

The Kids In Need Foundation especially appreciates Crayola's belief in the creativity of students and teachers. When creativity is unleashed, the possibilities for success in the classroom are unlimited.

Darice is the National Accessory Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

DariceDarice, a family owned business since 1954, takes pride in their leadership within the craft industry by providing quality, on-trend, and in-demand wholesale craft products to customers of all sizes. Their simple mission states: Exceed Customer Expectations.

Darice is an action-oriented company, committed to continual improvements and advancements in the craft industry. As a leader in their field, Darice is dedicated to maintaining, expanding, and strengthening the relationship with its customers.

These qualities of doing business have also been extended to the Kids In Need Foundation through product donations and sponsorships, all to help children who have very few expectations make their way through school with what they will need to succeed in life.

3M is the National Sponsor of Second Responder®

3M3M Company is a world-class, science-based company committed to continually innovating and creating products that improve lives and help businesses succeed. With 3M's global, world-wide manufacturing capabilities, products are created that can be found in virtually every home and office, improve manufacturer's products and processes, and help healthcare professionals care for patients. 3M is dedicated to creating products that meet the evolving needs of people and industry throughout the world.

For many years, 3M has supported the programs of the Kids In Need Foundation with product and financial donations. In 2014, 3M became the national sponsor of Second Responder® to boost our efforts to provide free school supplies to children and schools affected by devastating natural disasters. 3M's contribution to this program and their overall many faceted donations has made a true impact on the children served by Kids In Need.

Elmer's Products, Inc. is the National Glue Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

ElmersOne would be hard pressed to find students and teachers unfamiliar with Elmer the Bull, whose image appears on the products of Elmer's Products, Inc. Elmer's Products believes responsible actions lead to long term success. That's why decades of commitment to inspiring creativity, building, and learning through the development of innovative products also includes a mission to support education, environmental responsibility, and to serve those most in need.

The Kids In Need Foundation is proud to be one of the recipients of Elmer's efforts to fulfill their mission. Named by teachers as one of the essential items needed in the classroom, glue provided by Elmer's is on the shelves of the 34 Resource Centers in the National Network, available to teachers who visit the Centers to obtain free school supplies for their students who would otherwise do without. Thank you, Elmer's!

ACCO Brands Corporation is the National Notebook Sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation

ACCO BrandsACCO Brands Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers of branded office products, marketing products in more than 100 countries. They are proud of a long history of industry leadership and innovation and are focused on delivering exceptional value for shareholders and customers by providing unique, leading-edge, branded office products.

ACCO Brands is committed to being responsible local and global corporate citizens. They have certainly committed to assisting students and teachers in America by providing notebooks to stock the shelves of the National Network of Resource Centers and to stuff the backpacks of the School Ready Supplies program. We commend ACCO Brands for this commitment and for conducting their own corporate backpack build and distribution during the back-to-school season. The Kids In Need Foundation thanks them for the responsibility they've assumed by contributing to the success of students in the classroom.

The Kids In Need Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity founded in 1995. Contributions to Kids In Need are tax-deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.

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