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School Ready Supplies Program

Providing Backpacks of Supplies To Students

Our School Ready Supplies program provides brand new backpacks filled with the core school supplies students need. Each backpack build program starts with a minimum donation of $2,000 which funds materials for 200 students, and allows Kids In Need to provide for an entire school in our network that has high need. Higher sponsorship levels will provide for larger schools, or multiple schools in multiple communities where your organization wishes to help and have a greater impact. 

Choose your experience

When you choose to sponsor backpacks for students, Kids In Need Foundation makes sure your donation becomes a great experience both for you the donor, and for the school who will receive your generously sponsored backpacks. 

We can prepare and assemble the backpacks at our Foundation headquarters and deliver them on your behalf to the recipient school. Or You can choose to host a backpack-building event and we will deliver bulk supplies to anywhere in the United States for an unforgettable hands-on team-building activity.

Our trusted program has:

  • Hosted countless on-site backpack builds with employees to support local schools, strengthening teams and cooperation
  • Partnered with various trade events, conferences, and national meetings to channel participants’ energy into giving back to local students by building backpacks
  • Built individually customized online fundraising portals that match existing campaigns dedicated to engaging people to give back

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A typical School Ready Supplies Backpack

Backpacks from the School Ready Supplies program contain the core supplies that a student needs for success in the classroom. Supplies are selected based on years of teacher feedback and are grade appropriate. All backpacks and supplies are new so students receive the best.

If you are an individual and would like to sponsor backpacks at a lower donation amount, please visit our donation page. Backpacks can be sponsored for $20 each.

We do not donate supplies directly to other organizations, families, or individuals.

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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    COVID-19 and how you can help

    The needs of the students we serve haven’t disappeared because their schools have closed, in fact, they’ve gotten more severe. Right now, millions of children across the U.S. are lacking the basic tools they need to continue their education at home.

    Join us today, and your contribution will help supply and ship the most crucial distance learning items out to our students. No one should be left behind when it comes to their education.