November 15, 2016

kidFor the last 20 years we’ve learned a few things about kids, income disparities, and improving educational outcomes. Founded in 1995 by dedicated professionals from the school supply manufacturing industry, the Kids In Need Foundation is committed to ensuring all kids have the supplies they need to succeed in school.

We know that not everyone has the means to send their kids to school with the required supplies necessary to learn. Without quality school supplies, kids quickly get singled out, fall behind on their classwork, and end up on the wrong educational paths. We know that when we distribute new backpacks and school supplies, those students are more likely to be engaged in learning, develop a stronger sense of self-esteem, and stay in school.

The Kids In Need Foundation has grown from serving 25,000 students in 1995 to serving 4.8 million students in 2015. And, we’re now helping more than 150,000 teachers from low-income communities with essential supplies for their students and classrooms.

Work like this is not done alone. We are fortunate to partner with some of the most generous and progressive companies across the country that help us ensure all kids have the tools they need to learn. More than 16 million kids live in extreme poverty right now and we’re helping almost 5 million. With your help, and the help of our committed partners, we hope of be reaching 10 million by 2020.

Visit our CONNECT page to find out ways you can join our efforts.