The Kids In Need Foundation Partners with Joey Bearbower Art

Simple words to empower you. Words teachers say to encourage their students every day and words which students may only hear in their classrooms. Joey Bearbower reached out to us and shared how he wants to use his artwork to help teachers and their kids most in need. He creates his pieces out of the very school supplies students use every day, like pencils, the #1 tool teachers are always in need of. 

Kids In Need Foundation is proud to partner with Joey Bearbower, a motivational lettering artist, who has a passion for education. Bearbower is using his talent to give back to schools. He shares, “What better way to celebrate the holidays this year than being able to ‘Gift A Teacher’ and help out our kids in need.” 

Moved to help teachers and students, Bearbower is donating 100% of his profits to gift teachers with classroom supply boxes. Teachers will receive two large boxes filled with enough core school supplies to last for at least one semester.

As they unwrap everything, teachers and students will find items like: pencils, folders, notebooks, erasers, rulers, crayons and colored pencils.These “gift” boxes will touch a deserving teacher, their whole classroom of appreciative kids, and give beyond the holiday season.

We know that when students have new school supplies of their own, their grades, classroom behavior, and engagement improve dramatically. “Providing our teachers and kids with the tools they need to succeed can be life-changing,” Bearbower says.

Now through November 20th, when you pick your gift of choice, 100% of Bearbower’s profits will go towards helping teachers. When teachers receive their much-needed supplies, it allows them to focus on teaching and their students can concentrate on learning.

You can add these classic, inspiring pieces to your home, place of work, or gift one to your favorite teacher. When you buy, Joey will give. Here is a link to his Indiegogo campaign where you can choose what meaningful words you will add to your space:

Trust Your Ability

You Got This


Yes You Can


About Joey Bearbower
Joey Bearbower is a motivational lettering artist who is passionate about creating artwork that empowers action and inspires you to become the greatest version of yourself. He’s been creating art since 2013 and has been featured by top companies such as Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Adobe, and Google.