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Welcome to my Kids Helping Kids page!

Hello, my name is Abigail. Ever since I was a little girl I had always loved playing school and pretending to be the teacher with my friends, and now that has developed into a passion for teaching and working with children. I am now a high school senior, and I have decided that education is the career field that I wish to pursue in my future.

Through the way I was raised and the privileged opportunities that I have had, I have seen the impact education has and how important it is for students. It is heartbreaking to me that some students don’t have the opportunity to receive an education due to the lack of funding and supplies. I also couldn’t imagine being a teacher and how I would feel not being able to provide my students with the supplies they needed to learn.

These unfortunate realities that can be found across the country are the exact circumstances that I want to try to limit as much as possible, which is why I am raising money and collecting supplies to assist these teachers and students by giving them the classroom essentials they need. However I can’t do it alone, and I would greatly appreciate your help with collecting supplies and/or donating money towards this extremely important cause.

I'll be taking donation funds and supplies for under-resourced teachers and students until February 28th. Help me reach my goal of $500!

$500 ultimately gives two whole classrooms with 30 students enough supplies for an entire semester!