Apellis School Supply Drive

This summer, the Apellis FUNdation Committee is partnering with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to host a school supply drive from August 9-27 to help support under-resourced students and teachers in our communities.


School supply donations set students up for success and ensure that they are equipped with the fundamental tools to thrive and learn. School supplies support a significant increase in student participation and self-esteem. When you donate, you relieve families and educators of that financial stressor.


With your donations, KINF will provide essential classroom supplies to teachers in under-resourced schools. Our Waltham & Watertown offices are also collecting supplies in person to do directly to students in these schools. If you are interested in donating in that way as well, please reach out to a member of the FUNdation.


Together we can invest in the future generation by improving resources available to students and their teachers. Show you care by providing local schools with the tools needed for students to learn and teachers to teach!


The FUNdation is an Apellis employment engagement group with a mission to promote a healthy organization; we support our culture through developing internal programs and events for Apellis employees. The main areas of interest for the FUNdation include: community support, furthering science education, and innovation.