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Chapter 1: Bridge Over Troubled Water

To understand the true value of our work, read the Kids In Need Foundation Story, told by those who know us best: our nation’s educators.

Voices from the Classroom

Chapter 1: Bridge Over Troubled Water

“South Carolina experienced the worst flood in a decade. Our small rural county saw damage beyond words. Williamsburg County is the third poorest county in South Carolina and with the level of poverty . . . the small towns in our county just shut down. Roads were washed out, homes were under water, trees uprooted, and many of our students were homeless because their homes were blown away. Our students lost everything, including books and all their school supplies.

Many organizations came into our communities with food, clothing, and temporary housing, but no one thought about the educational effect the flood had on our students.

I felt helpless! As I sat at my desk one day, I received a call from the Kids In Need Foundation offering to replace each students school supplies through their Second Responder® program. They truly were a bridge over troubled water during our time of need.”

-Cynthia Brown, principal at W.M. Andersen Primary, Kingstree, South Carolina

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When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2017, we directly supported 6.2 million kids with new supplies.

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