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Chapter 4: I’ve Been There

To understand the true value of our work, read the Kids In Need Foundation Story, told by those who know us best: our nation’s educators.

Voices from the Classroom

Chapter 4: I’ve Been There

“I was born into a neighborhood similar to the one in which our school sits. I walked streets similar to those that our students walk, and I lived through the struggles similar to those faced by many of our community’s young people. My childhood was filled with the insecurity and stressors faced by the families of our school and our greater community. When families struggle to provide food, clothing, and other critical necessities, their focus needs to be on these matters and not on fretting about how they are going to be able to provide school supplies for their children . . .  they are facing serious battles on multiple fronts. 

Having supplies on hand is one way of allowing students to focus and prioritize properly. Our families are strong and dedicated to their children’s well-being. Easing concerns over school supplies is a benefit to families, so they can concentrate on their other goals and needs.” 

 -A teacher from Landover, Maryland

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When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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