Chicago's Honor Roll: Heroes for Kids in Need - Kids in Need Foundation

Chicago’s Honor Roll: Heroes for Kids in Need

The Kids In Need Foundation is highlighted as a Honor Roll recipient in Chicago’s list, “Heroes for Kids in Need”.

This month the Kids In Need Foundation was named one of’s best Chicago nonprofits for necessities. The list includes both large and small organizations, who are working to make a better future for the children in Chicago. The list highlights organizations in education & learning, lifestyle, health, necessities, and conservation. It’s a powerful and inspiring list of organizations that we are honored to be a part of.

“The Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) works to ensure children most in need have access to the resources necessary to succeed in the classroom. Through a partnership with 41 locations across the country, they provide free school supplies to children who would otherwise go without and offer additional programs like Second Responder(TM), which provides school supplies to children affected by natural disasters, School Ready Supplies, which offers pre-assembled backpacks with essential school supplies or delivers bulk supplies to host backpack building events through community sponsorship, and Teachers Supply Boxes, which provides successful applicants with two boxes containing roughly $500 in essential school supplies like notebooks, markers, pencils, and glue.

According to the Kids In Need Foundation, Approximately 16 million children in the United States come from families struggling with extreme poverty. For that reason, the organization is dedicated to helping children learn, improve their engagement in the classroom, and increase their self-esteem by ensuring each one has access to basic resources. In 2017, KINF helped 200,000 teachers and 6.2 million students in challenged communities across the nation. In 2018, KINF is celebrating the distribution of over $1 billion in supplies since their inception in 1995. Tweet #HowMuch to share personal stories of the importance of school supplies or how much a teacher has been able to teach with ample supplies. Help the Kids In Need Foundation raise another $1 billion by visiting” 

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When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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