We here at ChivEducation strive to make the world 10% happier through education! We do three to four events a year and our biggest one is the Mid~Year School Supply Drive. We've been working with Kids In Need Foundation for a few years now. To educate people that teachers need supplies halfway through the year. Things break, get misplaced, and magically disappear. All these items need to be replaced and it usually comes out of the TEACHERS' pockets and right after the holidays too. So what can you do? YOU can help by joining with ChivEducation and KINF, for the full month of February, to help teachers get their classrooms filled with supplies and get them through the second half of the year. Something important this year is to get tissues, hand sanitizer, and masks because of this crazy COVID and Flu season. These are supplies too!  We at ChivEducation and KINF know that we can make this epic. So let's do this and KCCO!

KINF Image 2