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AVI-SPL Fundraiser

AVI-SPL is proud to participate as a national partner with the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF)! The money that is donated will go directly to under-resourced students in AVI-SPL's local community.

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NOVUS Media AEC Fundraiser

With new needs and challenges, Novus's desire to support their community brought them to the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF). Novus and KINF share similar passions:  growing through relentless curiosity, the grit to never quit on a project or person, and drive to do the right thing are the guiding principles of our work and this partnership.

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Nomura 2021 Fundraiser

School Supplies Drive - CSR Americas Partners with KINF for Returning to Classroom. Nomura CSR Americas will be partnering with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to ensure that students in under-resourced communities are equipped with the basic necessities needed to succeed, beginning with school supplies.


RTM 2021 Fundraiser

RTM Business Group is hosting a fundraiser for Kids In Need Foundation from April 19, 2021 - May 11, 2021 with a goal of $5,000 to go towards under-resourced classrooms on Supply A Teacher. RTM will be matching all donations up to $3,000!

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GDMC 2021 Fundraiser

GMDC | Retail Tomorrow is partnering again with the Kids In Need Foundation in order to provide Nashville students with backpacks filled with school supplies. This year's fundraiser will support KINF's Supply A Student and Supply A Teacher programs. Help them meet their $8000 goal!

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Kids Helping Kids Ambassador Campaigns

Kids Helping Kids Ambassadors are students in middle and high school that are passionate about serving under-resourced teachers and students. They each host fundraisers and supply drives to further the KINF mission. Click the button below to support current Ambassador campaigns, and help them reach their goals!

Interested in supporting under-resourced teachers and students through Kids In Need Foundation by hosting your own campaign?