For Volunteers

Support students and teachers in need in your corner of the country.

For Volunteers

Support students and teachers in need in your corner of the country.
volunteers packing boxes

We need your time, your talents, and your energy to make our vision a reality.

When you volunteer at a Resource Center, you not only help the hardworking staff, but also many deserving students and teachers in your region. It is a wonderful way to support your community in a tangible way. We have a range of opportunities for both individual volunteers as well as for groups.

Each Resource Center is different, so you'll want to find your nearest one and ask what kind of volunteering opportunities they offer. You can volunteer as an individual to assist with teacher shopping or in the warehouse, organize and stock merchandise, or work on special projects like yearly inventory.

Most of the Resource Centers in our national network also offer group volunteering opportunities. Groups can build backpacks with 11 essential school supplies to distribute to students in need, create kits of supplies to distribute to local teachers and their students, and prepare and organize inventory

Find a Resource Center Near You

We have 42 National Resource Centers across the United States, and each one relies on the dedicated efforts of volunteers. Specific roles will vary based on local needs, but all Resource Centers offer ample opportunities to make a tangible difference for the teachers and students of underserved communities.

If you are interested, please contact your nearest Resource Center directly.

Want to volunteer at KINF Headquarters?

We have a Teacher Resource Center in the Twin Cities where you can help. Visit the Kids In Need Foundation Resource Center page for more details and to sign up.