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Four reasons to host a backpack build for Bring Your Child to Work Day

Still looking for activities for all those kids on “Bring Your Child to Work Day”? A backpack build with the Kids In Need Foundation is the way to go!

Bring Your Child to Work Day is coming up fast! This year it will be held on Thursday, April 25th, 2019, which is only a few short weeks away. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging activity that both your employees and their children can work on together, the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) makes it incredibly easy for you to organize. It’s perfect for anyone scrambling to find activities to keep the children occupied while they’re in the office. How do we know? Because previous sponsor, Allstate employees, held backpack builds on Bring Your Child to Work Day, benefiting two local high-need schools.

“At Allstate, we wanted to include a community-focused activity for Bring Your Child to Work Day.  We reached out to Kids In Need Foundation to learn about their School Ready Supplies Program. We were able to have our children pack backpacks of school supplies for at-risk kids. KINF made the process easy, and supplied high quality backpacks and supplies for the kids we were supporting.”

  1. Excellent Bonding Time

    We want kids to come away from their day at the office with a better understanding of how their parents spend their time while also creating a meaningful memory. A lot of offices have open cubicles or work spaces where talking with children is tough to do. Try setting aside some time in a conference room or breakroom where kids and parents can get up and move around. Working side-by-side filling backpacks creates an easy setting for conversations – you can even work in a mini-lesson on exciting concepts like order fulfillment and inventory management! Who can group the pencils fastest? How can we arrange the notebooks so they fit best? Which supply should go in the bag first?

    The children of Allstate employees helped with their parents to build backpacks for students in their area. Each of our backpacks includes:
    • 3 folders, 2 notebooks, a package of pencils
    • a package of markers, a pair of scissors, 2 glue sticks
    • a package of Post-its, 2 pens, a box of crayons
    • a pencil pouch, a ruler, eraser & pencil sharpener

    We can even include a well-wish note card for each backpack. You and your child can write and color special notes of encouragement for the students you’re helping.

  2. The kids understand what they’re working on

    Sometimes parents in corporate jobs can have a tough time explaining to their kids what they do all day. Supply chain management or marketing can seem a bit abstract even to adults! But every student (young or old) can relate to school supplies. The experience gives kids a tangible way to learn about giving back to others. They get to physically put together a backpack and know it’s going to a student in need. They can easily picture what it would feel like to face the start of class each day without those tools to learn. Teaching kids at a young age to give back makes them realize that they can make a difference.

  3. Feel good about doing good

    The kids aren’t the only ones who get to feel good! Go all in and help make your child’s day a little brighter and that of another child in your community. The Kids In Need Foundation works with a network of teacher Resource Centers across the country, as well as schools and classrooms where the need is greatest. This means that your donations always go to a school where they will be impactful.

  4. Hassle-free activity

    At the Kids In Need Foundation, we make it easy for you to set up a backpack build. We’ll organize and ship the supplies to your location, coordinate the assembly line, and work with you or your site leader on best practices for the day of the build. We will find a school to distribute the backpacks to and arrange for the supplies to be delivered. We’ve run hundreds of backpack events over the years so you can trust the experience will be great!

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in hosting a backpack build, check out our School Ready Supplies program and contact our Director of School Ready Supplies, Gina Palmer, at

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