Gift Acceptance Policy - Kids in Need Foundation

The Kids In Need Foundation’s Gift Acceptance Policy

The Kids In Need Foundation, a not for profit organization organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota, encourages the solicitation and acceptance of gifts to the Kids In Need Foundation for purposes that will help the Foundation to further and fulfill its mission.

The mission of the Kids In Need Foundation is to insure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.

Charitable gifts to the Kids In Need Foundation may be:

  • Unrestricted (used for the greatest need)
  • Restricted (designated to support a specific program or purpose)
  • Endowed (creating a permanent fund, the earnings of which may be unrestricted or restricted)

The Kids In Need Foundation accepts:

  • Outright gifts using Cash, Checks, and Credit/Debit Cards, including sustaining (repeating) gifts
  • Securities (gifts of publicly traded stocks)

Deferred gifts including:

  • Bequests (including the Foundation in your Will)

Planned Giving Instruments including:

  • Life Insurance (naming the Foundation the irrevocable owner and beneficiary)
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts

Special Gifts Subject to Review and Approval:

  • Tangible Personal Property
  • Real Estate
  • Remainder Interests in Property
  • Oil, Gas, and Mineral Interests
  • Bargain Sales

For more information about making a gift to the Kids In Need Foundation, please contact,

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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