Welcome to my Kids Helping Kids page!

My name is Ariana. I started a free online homework help/tutoring service for children in grades K to 6, with a few of my friends, called Homework Aid. This coronavirus time is really challenging and uncertain, so we thought some families may be in need of extra support. There are many difficulties caused by online learning that we are trying to ease. We offer free one on one virtual homework help sessions through Zoom, tailored to each child's needs, in all subjects.

So far, it has been a great learning experience for the kids we tutored and also for ourselves. We learned a lot about how great it is to be helpful, selfless, patient, to put the needs of others before our own, and the great satisfaction that comes knowing we did make a difference, if even for only a few kids.

I became interested in becoming a Kids Helping Kids Ambassador because of my passion for equality in education and drive to support under-resourced students.

My goal is to fundraise $500

This amount will ultimately provide supplies to over 60 under-resourced students, who otherwise would go to school without the necessary resources to learn.

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Here is a link to Homework Aid's website.