Welcome to our Kids Helping Kids page!

We want to shine a light on those who do not have access to resources that are beneficial to a student's future.

When the pandemic became a major part of our lives, we realized several other major components of life like education. The struggle that several families initially went through was now on a whole other level. We believe that working with the Kids in Need Foundation will bring us several steps towards our goal.

Our goal is to fundraise 500 supplies

This will ultimately provide supplies to under-resourced students, who otherwise would go to school without the necessary resources to learn.

You can drop off supplies at our school at this address:

10410 Falcon Way,

San Diego, California, 92131


Our organization, illumm, was created by students for students. Our mission statement is "We believe the resources that are important to a student's future should never be overlooked but instead cherished and shared with the people who lead difficult lives through fundraisers, drives, workshops, and other events."

Total Supplies Collected

Number of pencils collected
Goal of 125
Number of erasers collected
Goal of 125
Number of colored pencils collected
Goal of 125
Number of folders collected
Goal of 125