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We’re working to build a world where every child, in every school, to have the same advantage when walking into a classroom. We’re helping students prosper and gain the confidence needed to succeed in life.

Kids In Need Foundation operates a teacher resource center where teachers shop for free. Our resource center provides eligible schools with critical supplies to empower teaching and educational success.

Operating out of the national foundation headquarters, the center also offers volunteering opportunities to assist with supplying the foundation’s three other national school supply programs; School Ready Supplies,, and Second Responder®.

Contribute supplies to contribute to student success

The essential classroom supplies we provide to teachers and students are donated to our Resource Center through Corporate, Retail, and Individual partnerships. Interested in supporting student success through your own Classroom Supply Drive? See how to get started.

Volunteer time and expertise

We welcome volunteer groups both large and small, and offer a variety of activities to accommodate all abilities. It may be assisting with teacher shopping, merchandising and re-stocking, or helping to fill boxes or backpacks with supplies. We regularly host private volunteer groups and can customize opportunities for your interests and abilities – including children as young as 5! Interested in volunteering with a group or as an individual? See how you can help.

Teachers from eligible schools can shop for FREE for their classroom supplies

Teachers from Minnesota schools in which 70% or greater of the student population participates in the Federal Lunch Program are invited to obtain school supplies, free of charge, for distribution in their classroom. Are you a teacher interested in learning about our opportunities? Contact us here.

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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