Kids Helping Kids

For the 30 million students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), new school supplies are often a luxury item that is outside of the family budget. As Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) continues to provide the resources and supplies for teachers to teach and learners to learn, there is a new generation joining its efforts: Kids Helping Kids.

Middle and high-school students can apply to be an ambassador for Kids Helping Kids. Each ambassador will promote his or her fundraiser in his or her community, learning valuable communications skills along the way. Ambassadors can raise support through funding and/or collection of supplies to be provided to under-resourced students. 

Ambassadors will:

  • Host a supply drive by collecting core school products or raising funds for supplies to benefit underserved kids across the country, thru KINF. Drives will be hosted on a custom landing page that will be created as a collaborative effort between the ambassador and KINF personnel.
  • Raise support and awareness for KINF's mission and programs nationwide throughout the year.
  • Collaborate with KINF's communications team to brainstorm tactics to ensure a successful drive.
  • Additional support via match opportunities through KINF national partners. 


  • The opportunity to partner with a national nonprofit to support students in need.
  • Ambassadors will be featured on a program website, social media channels, and program collateral.
  • KINF will develop a strategic promotional plan for the Kids Helping Kids program, which could include highlighting individuals in their local markets through media opportunities.
  • Ambassadors will further develop communications and leadership skills.
  • Fulfill community engagement requirements by their respective schools.


Want to learn more? Check out the Kids Helping Kids Toolkit

Please contact Taylor Gilman at 612-293-9957 or with questions. 

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