Since the launch of our partnership with Kids in Need Foundation in 2021, we continue to adjust to our new normal. Our way of living and thinking has no doubt been influenced by ongoing social issues impacting our community. One thing remains the same for Novus: the people. Our employees represent people who have grit and are genuine about what they do and the desire to help others. As a company, we remain committed to community service, which is why we know the right thing to do is pour our efforts into the local school community.

Novus is excited to partner with Kids in Need Foundation for another year and support the “Supply A Teacher” program for Harvest Best Academy in Minneapolis, MN. With each Supply A Teacher box, that teacher will be able to provide a robust semester of active learning for their classroom. At Novus, we know how critical it is for our children and teachers to maintain equal access to school resources and quality education. This is not always happening today, and our participation in the program will ensure at least one classroom is given the opportunity to succeed.

Please donate today! Novus will match 100% up to $3,000 of all donations. Novus family, thank you for supporting our teachers who are tirelessly working to develop our future leaders.