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Midwest Storms Relief Effort

*Update as of May 29*

Seasonal tornadoes continue to strike areas across the Midwest, most recently touching down in multiple locations in Kansas and Ohio, including severely damaging areas around Dayton where several KINF staff reside. Our hearts are with all the families affected and our efforts are redoubled around getting supplies where the schools will be needing help with their recovery efforts

*Original post May 20*

The Kids In Need Foundation is monitoring the path of the multiple tornadoes expected across the southern plains today and preparing to mobilize our Second Responder® program. Not only will the tornadoes bring destruction with hail and high winds, but huge swaths of the region are under threat of flash flooding with serious risk of loss of property and life. We urge residents to take shelter and follow emergency instructions for their physical safety in these critical hours of the storms. In 2013 we provided relief to Moore, Oklahoma following the devastating EF5 tornado. Our hearts are with Oklahoma again, as many families now face the same terror.

When the waters subside, our Second Responder® program will be there to provide school supplies to students and teachers and help them recover from the wreckage of the water’s path.  Second Responder serves as a conduit between the public wishing to support schools’ recovery and local districts who can best articulate their needs. We have provided these relief efforts to many communities, including after Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and more recently after Florence and Michael, and the Alabama Tornado.

In the coming weeks, the Kids In Need Foundation will help deliver the critical classroom supplies needed to reopen the schools and help students’ lives return to normal. Please give to support the teachers and students affected by these storms and help ensure that Second Responder teams can mobilize quickly to respond to future natural disasters.

Your support will help get students and teachers back into the classrooms as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help.

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In 2018, we directly supported more than 6 million students with new supplies.

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