Simply Business Fundraiser

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The third quarter has rolled around and with that comes a brand-new non-profit organization to support via our Giving Back initiative, The Kids In Need Foundation (KINF). This quarter we are committing to a $4500 donation goal to support KINF's Supply A Teacher initiative.


By raising $4500, SimplyBusiness will be supplying 20 teachers with supplies for 24 students each throughout the school year. Best of all, our donations will help teachers nationwide, as well as two teachers from both the Boston and Atlanta areas in support of our local communities.

The following schools are ones we plan to support:

  • Somerville Public Schools - Somerville, MA
  • Boston Public Schools - Dorchester, MA
  • Atlanta Public Schools - Atlanta, GA


Kids In Need Foundation believes every child in America should have equal opportunity and access to a quality education.

Supply A Teacher provides teachers in underserved schools with a semester’s worth of essential school supplies for their class of students. Donors and partners can fund an individual teacher, school, or entire district with critically-needed learning resources.