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Wireless Vision Fundraiser

Wireless Vision (WV) is a for-profit organization, however, it’s our responsibility to make a difference. The Founders are 1st generation children of immigrants that saw firsthand the importance and reward of working hard to provide for a better future. They were driven from a young age to be successful.  Many children are not given the opportunity to see how much value they have and how they can accomplish anything.  WV is committed to providing resources through mentorship, volunteering, and fundraising to help youth reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. Wireless Vision is committed to serving the communities around us and creating future opportunities for youth by partnering with Kids in Need Foundation (KINF). KINF partners with teachers and students year-round in under-resourced schools, providing the support needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn.


“Here at WV, we put our money where our hearts are!" - Yolanda Royall-Williams, VP of People & Engagement


Please continue to help us make meaningful connections in the areas we serve by donating here today! Our goal is to reach $10,000 by the end of the year!!

Kids In Need Foundation national program support includes: 

Supply A Teacher provides teachers in underserved schools with a semester’s worth of essential school supplies for their class of students. Donors and partners can fund an individual teacher, school, or entire district with critically-needed learning resources.

Supply A Student provides a backpack filled with school supplies to a student in need. While individuals can provide support for students, this program inspires groups and companies to come together to host backpack builds,
fundraise to adopt an underserved school, or provide company match programs.

Second Responder® provides supplies to teachers and students affected by natural disasters. KINF works with local authorities, schools, and sponsors to help students return to their routines with the tools they need to continue their education.

National Network of Resource Centers - KINF is proud to partner with more than 40 partner organizations across the country to help distribute much-needed school supplies to local under-resourced teachers and students in schools with a high percentage of students participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).


“VEA is a powerful program that instills belief for these kids to accomplish anything!” – Saber Ammori, CEO 

Additionally, WV is also focused on these great initiatives:

Vision Empowerment Academy is a mentoring program under Wireless Vision’s Got Your Back social responsibility. We believe that every child deserves to have an equal education. With the help of mentors, they will learn about values, education, and life skills to do the right thing every day.  Partnering with local organizations to support local youth inspiring and preparing high school students to be successful 

Educating students through technology and life skills. Awarding of $20,000 in scholarships 

Dollar Club - At Wireless Vision, giving back to our employees, customers & communities is a part of who we are. It's what WV does. Dollar Club is your opportunity to give back in the simplest way, with a huge effect collectively. How? As little as $1 can make a difference. Is there a special cause that you want to support? An organization that could benefit from a donation is your chance to become the influencer I know you all are.  If you haven't already joined the Club, I encourage you to.  Join Here 

We appreciate your amazing support. 

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