Shipping with Zappos For Good

Shipping with Zappos For Good

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Ship your donation for free with
“Zappos for Good”

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The Kids in Need Foundation is partnering with Zappos for Good to help inspire effective learning and education! Through this campaign, Zappos for Good is sponsoring the cost of the shipping of donated school supplies and backpacks for children in need. Now you can focus on getting the supplies and let Zappos get the supplies to us. Thanks, Zappos!


Sponsoring the cost of shipping of your donated school supplies and backpacks. Up to 50 lbs per box

Helping out the community around you.

Help children, who are less fortunate, to get the most out of school by helping them to have the proper tools.


What can I donate through this program?

Kids In Need Foundation is delighted to accept all new school supplies, such as the basic core items: pens, pencils, folders, spiral notebooks, crayons, markers, ruler, eraser, pencil pouch, glue/glue stick, scissors and post it notes.

Kids In Need Foundation cannot accept any used school supplies or any items that have offensive words, artwork or symbols on the packaging or surface.

Want to host your own supply drive? We’ve put together a list of tips to make your drive super successful! Click here to get ideas or download the Supply Drive Toolkit


Follow the easy instructions below to send your supply donation.


  1. First, fill out our Product Donation Form.
  2. Box up new school supplies and new backpacks in any box and tape it closed. Up to 50 lbs per box.
  3. Print your special prepaid shipping label at Zappos For Good. Scroll down to the Kids In Need Foundation logo, click on "Print KINF label".
  4. Attach the label and drop off your box at any UPS Store!