We believe every child in America should have equal opportunity and resources to engage in a quality education.

Our Mission: 

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By partnering with teachers and students in under-resourced schools, we provide the support needed to create equitable learning spaces for all students.

Our Pillars

Promoting equity in schools is an invaluable social investment that gives children a deeper perspective, knowledge about the world around them, and empowers them to make wise decisions for their future.


Our Values


A quality education is the best gateway to opportunity and provides greater possibilities for students to achieve their full potential.


It is crucial to champion the inherent dignity of kids and the quality experiences they can have throughout education.


When teachers are well-supported and appreciated, they have the ability to unlock the future potential of our nation, which is our children.

Our Impact


"I want to send a special thank you to those who are always looking out for practical ways to help our students at the ground level. You make a difference!"

-Mr. Paull - Sacramento, Calif.

"I am so excited and thankful to have received the Teacher Supply Boxes! Your generous donations brought so much happiness to my students and me. We are extremely grateful for your contributions! The contents are so valuable to us and we will surely be utilizing every single item in the box!!! Your foundation and the people who work there are amazing people and I appreciate your support, care and concern, and willingness to help fellow teachers. My heart is warmed by your generosity. Thank you so very much!"

-Mrs. Warnken - Bridgeport, CT

Your support is vital to education in America