The Women at Bradshaw ERG School Supply Drive

Bradshaw Home is a leading housewares supplier.  We are proud that the products we market help turn houses into homes. We connect deeply with everyday life and our communities.  With the fall season fast approaching, families are getting their children ready to go back to school for another school year of learning.  However, this exciting time for children can turn into a stressful challenge for families that are already struggling.  The COVID-19 pandemic in the past almost 2 years has made the dire situation much worse for them.

The women at Bradshaw ERG group are proud to collaborate with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to help support under-resourced students through backpack sponsorships and sending them with a backpack full of school supplies to continue their education.   The Women at Bradshaw ERG School Supply Drive is connected directly to KINF's Supply A Student initiative; every $25 raised for a sponsored backpack includes 3 folders, 2 notebooks, a package of pencils, a package of markers, a pair of scissors, 2 glue sticks, a package of sticky notes, 2 pens, a package of crayons, a pencil pouch, a ruler, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and all in a new backpack!


Many people hit financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now is the time to come together as a community!  Please join the women at Bradshaw ERG group in our efforts to give back and make an impact on the lives of under-resourced students across the country.