We recognize and value the hard work you—our teachers—do, and we champion your success.

As teachers, you know that with the proper supplies, students are able and motivated to achieve their full potential. We believe that by partnering together to serve students in under-resourced schools, we can create an equitable learning environment for all. And when our teachers are able to focus on teaching, rather than resourcing, education wins.

Interested in receiving support for your classroom? Here are the ways we can help.


Shop for free at a teacher resource center

We partner with more than 40 resource centers across the country to help distribute much-needed school supplies to you, our teachers. Find a center near you and find out how you can get the support you need to equip your students with the tools they need to succeed.


Apply for the Retail Pick-Up Program

KINF’s pick-up programs, driven by our generous partners, offer an opportunity for teachers in underserved schools to receive free items for their classrooms. As our retailers transition seasonal items and make shifts in inventory, those products are set aside to be donated to local, under-resourced schools.


Enroll in our Supply A Teacher Program

Our Supply A Teacher program seeks to remove the burden of having to provide necessary resources from teachers in underserved schools. Teachers supported through our program can receive two large boxes of items they need to fuel a full semester of active learning. Head to SupplyATeacher.org to apply!


Find Lesson Plans in our Resource Library

Every Teacher, Every Day (ETED) not only has a robust resource library of over 1,200 resources, but we also have teacher giveaways, teacher perks, a teacher community, resources for professional development, resources for wellness, and a blog full of content to make you laugh, find some support, and let you know what is going on in the world of education. The most important part? Everything on this website will always be 100% free to EVERY teacher.