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Kids In Need Foundation Media Kit

Download our brand guidelines for quick instructions on how to use our logo, as well as information on color palette, typeface, and other design elements.

The use of Kids In Need Foundation: 

Please use Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) for the first mention. Following that, KINF can be used, if it has been included in the first mention.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • The 'I' in 'In' should always be capitalized.
  • Please do not use: Kids In Need, KIN.

The use of Kids In Need Foundation's logo:

  • Kids In Need Foundation's logo should not be altered under any circumstances.
  • Please do not crop, rotate, add decorative elements to the Kids In Need Foundation logo.
  • Do not recolor, scale or manipulate logo proportions.
  • Do not add a drop shadow to the logo.
  • On backgrounds where contrast is challenging, you can use the logo solid white or black (as provided in the Logo Pack). If you use the logo on a photograph, always choose the color that provides the most contrast.
  • All use of the Kids In Need Foundation logo must be approved.

Additional Language Notes:

  • We talk about students and teachers who lack resources as “under-resourced" and schools as "underserved."

  • We do not say “disadvantaged,” “needy,” or “at-risk.”

  • Any negative adjectives describing our mission, teachers, and students is not permitted as it goes against our inherent value of dignity.

  • Inclusive words we DO use:

    • When talking about communities: Under-resourced, Underserved, Low-income, People/students/teachers of color, Economically-distressed, Historically-excluded.

    • Exclusive words we DO NOT use: Disadvantaged, Needy, At-risk, Colored people


Kids In Need Foundation helps create equitable learning spaces through the distribution of supplies and resources, investing in teachers and students in underserved schools. With the belief that every child in America should have equal opportunity and resources to engage in a quality education, Kids In Need Foundation focuses its programs and initiatives on teachers and students most under-resourced, those where 70 percent or more of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced-cost meals through the National School Lunch Program. In 2022, through its programs, National Network of Resource Centers, and coast-to-coast local partners, Kids In Need Foundation and our national network supported over 7.7 million students and 333,169 teachers in 17,472 under-resourced schools, with KINF distributing more than $143 million in free school supplies and classroom resources nationwide at no cost to schools or teachers. For more information, visit, and join us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter: @KidsInNeed.

If you are a member of the media, please contact Michaela Becker with all inquiries.

Other Questions? Email us at or visit our Contact page.

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