Ways to Collaborate

Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) is proud to partner with companies and organizations of all sizes to empower teachers to teach and learners to learn. 

Explore the many ways to support under-resourced teachers and students nationwide in collaboration with KINF. 


Cause Marketing Partnerships

Collaborating with Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) on a cause marketing campaign is a socially-responsible way for companies to increase brand visibility, sales, and establish the reputation of being a corporate and community leader. 

As the consumer decision-making process evolves, customers are looking for more than a great product: they want to support a company that prioritizes its philanthropic initiatives. Customers want to see their dollar do more, expecting corporate entities to commit a portion of their profits to give back to important causes. In an international study, 91% of consumers reported they were likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause given comparable quality and price point. 

Not only will a cause marketing partnership enhance customer relationships, but company culture will also be positively impacted. A national study from Net Impact revealed that 35% of respondents would take a 15% pay cut to work for a company committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives.

KINF works in tandem with its corporate partners to develop mutually-beneficial, creative, customized campaigns to align with your business goals. When it comes to meeting industry standards in its partnerships, KINF is proud to meet all 20 guidelines of BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability. 

Cause marketing programs can include:

  • Point of sale
    • Round-up
    • Coupon/gift card exchange
    • Add a donation to total purchase
    • Buy One, Give One
    • Pin-up
    • Portion of purchase
    • Product purchase to provide
    • Promotions may be offered in-store, via app, online, or a combination
  • Social media campaign 
  • Proud to support designation

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Business Solutions

Product Donation

As a business solution, KINF is uniquely positioned to provide corporate entities with robust inventory management options. In addition to supporting retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in their efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, KINF hosts a seamless, complimentary, tax-deductible way for partners to turn surplus inventory into resources inspiring creativity, learning, positive and welcoming classroom environments, and tactile activities for under-resourced teachers and students.

By working with manufacturers and retailers alike, through solutions that benefit their business, we can make a difference in underserved schools. Donating product instead of discarding can help keep classrooms stocked with core supplies. KINF can help companies:

  • Reduce stock at key times of the year
  • Offer a consistent outlet for seasonal inventory
  • Lessen the impact of packaging or logo changes, misprints, or overruns
  • Provide support as they manage surplus or obsolete inventory


Retail Pick-up Programs

Research shows that North American retailers experience an estimated $123 billion in overstock costs each year. Additionally, businesses can suffer additional significant financial losses when they offer deep discounts on excess product. But there is another solution.

With KINF’s pick-up program, we provide a simple way to make an impact through donating, rather than discarding, that excess product. Yes, this donation has financial benefits and promotes positive brand awareness, but that’s not where the benefits end. Studies show that employees who believe in their organization’s community-based, philanthropic efforts are inspired to do their best work, which naturally raises company morale and improves culture.

KINF offers a turn-key solution that not only helps your inventory management strategies, it redirects your product directly into under-resourced classrooms nationwide. From core learning tools to hygiene products, technology, and more, repurposing your product can support education in creative and inspiring ways.

JOANN Stores has been a success story for millions. They have championed our mission through their continuous generosity and commitment to furthering education. You, too, can align your company/brand with an innovative program that contributes to an important cause—not only for you, but for your employees and your customer base. Learn more about your retail pick-up programs by reading our JOANN Stores case study

Program Sponsorships

For partners looking for a turnkey way to support under-resourced teachers and students, KINF has three foundational programs, and its Network, to support: Supply A Student, Supply A Teacher, and Second Responder®. 

Supply A Student: This program provides a backpack filled with school supplies to a student in an underserved school. For corporate entities, Supply A Student presents the opportunity for groups to come together to host backpack builds, fundraise to adopt an under-resourced school, or provide company match programs.

Supply A Teacher: In a recent KINF survey of over 9,000 educators, teachers revealed that they spent 1-2 paychecks each year on supplies for their classroom. Supply A Teacher provides teachers in underserved schools with a semester’s worth of essential school supplies for their class of students. Donors and partners can fund an individual teacher, school, or entire district with critically-needed learning resources.

Second Responder®: The Second Responder® program operates during the recovery period following the devastation, once the critical necessities of food, shelter, and medical aid are in place. KINF delivers hope in a tangible way for teachers and students to return to the important work of learning as they start the path to rebuilding.

National Network of Resource Centers: Kids In Need Foundation's National Network of Resource Centers is comprised of more than 40 mission-driven organizations throughout the U.S. From Seattle to Miami, our dedicated partners work with schools that have a high percentage of students participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and their hard-working educators to help meet the specific needs within their local communities.

Every Teacher, Every Day: Every Teacher, Every Day (ETED) not only has a robust resource library of over 1,200 resources, but we also have teacher giveaways, teacher perks, a teacher community, resources for professional development, resources for wellness, and a blog full of teacher content. The most important part? Everything on this website will always be 100% free to EVERY teacher.

KINFKids Helping Kids: Middle and high-school students can apply to be an ambassador for Kids Helping Kids. Each ambassador will promote his or her fundraiser in his or her community, learning valuable communications skills along the way. Ambassadors can raise support through funding and/or the collection of supplies to be provided to under-resourced students. 

Other Ways to Donate & Fundraise

Create community with employee volunteer days

Studies show that employees feel more engaged in their work, and tend to stay with an employer longer, if the business provides opportunities for employees to give back to their community. Each year, we are honored to help organizations, community groups, and teams of every size come together to support underserved communities through group volunteer events, such as employee drives and backpack builds.

Meaningful staff gifts

Employee giving programs offer an exciting opportunity for teams to come together to support Kids In Need Foundation. Each donation you make could be doubled, tripled, or more, and every hour you volunteer could come with a monetary contribution as well.

Organize a supply drive

Want to contribute supplies and get your community involved? Host a supply drive in-person or online. We’ve put together a School Supply Drive Toolkit to get your ideas flowing. When your items are ready to send, you can ship to our headquarters for free thanks to Zappos For Good. Click here to learn more.

Host a fundraiser

In many cases, you can share your support of Kids In Need Foundation to your employees and customers without having to enter into a formal charitable sales promotion agreement. Read Kids In Need Foundation's Limited licensing agreement application for more information. Questions? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch! 

Dixon Ticonderoga
Dixon Ticonderoga Partner

We’re so proud to partner with Kids In Need Foundation and to be the Presenting Sponsor of their National Network of Resource Centers.  We share their values and the belief that every child deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education. The team at Kids In Need Foundation live that belief every day and the passion they have for their mission is palpable. It’s so gratifying to play a role in their success and the partnership has become a rallying cry for all our employees.

Five Below
Five Below Partner
“Last year, customer support of Five Below’s involvement with Kids In Need Foundation was overwhelming despite the unprecedented impact that the pandemic had on the school year, so to see our incredible customers rally again this year in 2021, and donate more than 440,000 backpacks – 100,000
more than in 2020 – is truly astounding. Without fail, whenever our incredible Wow Crew asked customers if they wanted to contribute to the cause by purchasing a backpack the answer was almost always a resounding ‘yes!’ “We here at Five Below, along with our incredible customers, know that these donations are much more than just a $5 backpack, they represent unlimited possibilities and potential for the under-resourced kids who receive them. This is why we are so honored and thrilled to have been able to come on board as KINF’s National Backpack Sponsor, furthering our commitment to raising up our communities and making a positive impact for the people who call them home.” ~ Michael Romanko, CMO, Five Below.
Box Tops for Education
Box Tops for Education Partner

Kids In Need Foundation was a dream organization to work with. Their belief that every child in America should have access to quality education aligned perfectly with the Box Tops for Education mission. Our work with KINF allowed us to get one step closer to helping kids who need it most, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to support our students and our schools.

PNC Bank
PNC Bank Partner

Through Kids In Need Foundation and PNC’s Grow Up Great program,  we have been able to support thousands of Pre-K students and teachers in the community.  You can see the passion and dedication of the KINF team to provide all children with the learning resources they need.  Having the basic supplies to learn creates a sense of belonging and builds confidence, putting children on a path to become the best version of themselves.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Dollar General Literacy Foundation Partner

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child has equal opportunity and access to a quality education. This is why we are a proud sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation’s SecondResponder program. We understand the difficulties communities face in the aftermath of a natural disaster and are thankful for the Kids In Need Foundation’s support in equipping students and teachers with the basic supplies they need to be prepared for learning.

Shurtape Technologies
Shurtape Technologies Partner

At Shurtape Technologies, we believe in the power of people and community. These beliefs are reflected in our core values of believing in people, encouraging imagination and striving for excellence, as well as in the programs we choose to support, which primarily focus on education. Our longtime partnerships with both the National Kids In Need Foundation and our local Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center have allowed us to remain committed to our roots, while endeavoring to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

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