Supply A Teacher

Strengthening the supply chain to teachers in need.

Supply A Teacher

Strengthening the supply chain to teachers in need.
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Teachers are the number one in-school influence on student achievement. Yet the average teacher spends a significant portion of his or her own money to purchase school supplies to do their job.

In under-resourced schools across the country, educators lack the proper funding to support their classes and do their jobs well. This puts a heavy burden on our teachers to provide the essential resources needed for their students to succeed.

A recent survey of teachers in our network revealed that the average teacher spends up to two paychecks a year to purchase school supplies. This is a strain that often contributes to high attrition rates and leaves our schools struggling to find and retain highly-qualified individuals to do this important work.

KINF’s Supply A Teacher program seeks to remove the burden of having to provide necessary resources from teachers in underserved schools. Every teacher supported through our program receives two large boxes filled with the items they need to fuel a full semester of active learning. Donors can fund a teacher, school, or entire school district they’d like to support.

‘When every student has what they need, it promotes an equal learning environment…providing opportunities for academic and social success.’

-Third Grade Special Education Teacher

Supply A Teacher Boxes Include:

Pencils, pencil pouches, folders, notebooks, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, and pens. We also include additional items such as crayons, markers, highlighters, loose-leaf paper, and colored pencils based on the grade level.

Supply A Teacher offers an easy way to support a specific teacher, school, or district.

For Teachers

1. Read Teachers’ Stories

Each year, teachers from across the country submit applications to participate in Supply A Teacher. They tell us how receiving free school supplies would help their students succeed. Schools with high numbers of students on federal government lunch programs rely on our programs to help create more equitable learning environments and help students stay engaged and excited to learn.

2. You Choose

Whether you want to supply an individual teacher, school, or an entire school district, you can give in any amount to fund one or more classes! Our platform has teacher stories readily available for our partners and donors to read or share.

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3. Supplies Arrive Nationwide!

3. Supplies Arrive Nationwide

We help coordinate the filling and shipping of your Supply A Teacher box to go directly to the teacher, school or school district you selected. We’ll confirm when your delivery takes place and will request that pictures and thank you notes are provided, so you can hear from the teachers and students you’ve supported.

4. Supplies = Success

Your support can make an extraordinary impact. Donations from our partners and supporters help us provide teachers with the support they need to level the education playing field for students in America's most under-resourced schools. Join us in our mission to enable teachers to teach, and learners to learn.

New applications for Supply A Teacher boxes will open soon. Head to for more information.

2. Choose Your Build

Get started! Explore the teachers and schools in your area!

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