The Value of Education + Dignity

Education provides immense value to all individuals: career options, socialization, and a broadened perspective on oneself, their peers, and the world around them. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that is reinforced as students continue to grow. 

Kids In Need Foundation's programs provide supplies directly to under-resourced schools, reaching students through their schools and teachers. When supplies are lacking, the quality of education is in jeopardy, and that affects future opportunities for children.

How We Support Students

Learning is hard enough without worrying about supplies. Kids In Need Foundation is committed to removing one critical barrier to learning: essential school supplies. School supplies and resources matter because they represent belonging and ownership of a student's education and a teacher's career. It is crucial to champion the inherent dignity of kids and the quality experiences they can have throughout education.

For teachers facing rooms full of students struggling to break the cycle of poverty, supplies level the playing field so all students are prepared to learn when the bell rings.  Teachers have a daily influence on tomorrow's leaders and are the key to unlocking a student's potential. 


For parents looking for supplies:

We encourage you to connect with your child's teacher, counselor, or principal about supplies for your child or for other local resources that could assist you. If educators at your school express interest, we can connect with them to see if schools in their district meet the criteria to receive support from our programs.

Supply A Student: How It Works

Kids In Need Foundation works in tandem with organizations to develop mutually-beneficial, creative, customized opportunities for your organization to give back - and to foster teamwork and positive culture simultaneously.

For teams large and small, backpack builds provide an avenue to come together to support under-resourced students in your community. Kids In Need Foundation offers delivery of bulk supplies to groups wanting to not only sponsor backpacks and supplies, but also offer their time to build the most valuable toolkit for any student: a backpack full of essential school supplies. Learn more about how you can set up a backpack build.

Supply A Student Partnerships

Partnerships power Kids In Need Foundation's mission. With the support of companies large and small, the ability to provide resources to teachers and students in underserved communities grows. Below are two examples of corporate sponsorships that demonstrate both community leadership and a commitment to equity in education.

Toyota dealerships, together with Kids In Need Foundation, made sure local students have the supplies they need to learn at the start of the 2022-23 school year. Through the inaugural Big Summer Giveback program, 450 dealerships nationwide supported schools in their respective markets. In total, those Toyota dealerships provided over 30,000 backpacks to under-resourced students across the country - a nearly $1 million investment in creating equitable learning environments. Across the country, 38 dealerships committed to providing a $10,000 investment in their communities, providing 400 backpacks filled with core school supplies to local schools.

Since 2020, Shane Co., the largest family-owned jewelry company in the United States, has supported under-resourced students in its home markets through the Supply A Student program. Each fall, Shane Co. employees from each store, including its home office, host evens to fill backpacks with essential school supplies and notes of inspiration for schools in their communities. Over 14,330 backpacks have been provided to 24 under-reourced schools, equipping 605 classrooms with supplies.

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"This program is something we look forward to every year because it is a tangible and meaningful way for us to connect and give back to the communities we serve. Knowing that we're able to be part of a student's school year to help them succeed is amazing."

Rordan Shane, President and CEO of Shane Co.

Your support is vital to education in America

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