Valuing Our Teachers

When teachers are well-supported and appreciated, they have the ability to unlock the future potential of our nation, which is our children.

Supply A Teacher: How It Works

The Supply A Teacher program seeks to remove the burden of having to provide necessary resources from teachers in underserved schools. More than anyone, teachers know that with the proper supplies, students are able and motivated to achieve their full potential. And when our teachers are able to focus on teaching, rather than resourcing, education wins.


Each teacher served will receive two large boxes filled with enough core school supplies to last for at least one semester. Pencils, pencil pouches, folders, notebooks, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, and pens are included in every box. Additional items are included based on grade level, such as crayons and markers for younger grades, and highlighters and colored pencils for older students

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Teacher feature: Tiffini Forslund

Meet Tiffini Forslund, an elementary teacher at Friendship Academy of the Arts in St. Paul, Minn.

"My goal is to ignite higher-order thinking and provide an 'I can' attitude in my students. When I see and hear children trusting me with their insecurities and reservations. As assignments are completed and each school day progresses and that student is proud to read their essay that they put so much of themselves into.

"When I receive a message, 'Ms. Tiffini'. "Can you read my assignment to see if I am doing it right?" When I offer some true advice or wisdom to a student and they are silent, they are absorbing and thinking about how to apply what I said. There are so many more however these are a few that immediately come to mind."

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The average teacher will impact over 3,000 students throughout their career.

"I am able to freely give a student supplies when they need them instead of constantly worrying about whether the student or myself can afford them. It allows me to focus that time and energy on helping the student better understand the curriculum."

"The support is immeasurable. I have a class of 25 students most of whom show up without any school supplies, and also need supplies at home to do homework. I couldn't afford to personally provide the what they need, but the resource center has provided for my students."

Your support is vital to education in America

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