Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome you to support under-resourced teachers and students through volunteer opportunities with Kids In Need Foundation!

There are a variety of ways you can help whether you are a student looking for community service hours, an individual with extra time on your hands, or an organization wanting to work together to foster teamwork. Gather your friends, family, or co-workers to empower teachers to teach and learners to learn. 


Volunteer Opportunities in Minnesota

We regularly host private volunteer groups and can customize your and your group’s experience based on your interests and abilities, and for a variety of ages.

  • Supply A Student Backpack builds
  • Supply A Teacher Box builds
  • Special Projects
  • Custom School Supplies Product Builds
  • Store Restocking
  • Teacher Shopping
  • Prepare and Organize Inventory 

Volunteer at Your Local Resource Center

We have over 40 National Resource Centers across the United States, and each one relies on the dedicated efforts of volunteers. Specific roles will vary based on local needs, but all Resource Centers offer ample opportunities to make a tangible difference for the teachers and students of underserved communities.

If you are interested, please contact your nearest Resource Center directly.


Remote Volunteer Opportunities

  • Organize a supply drive
  • Start a fundraiser
  • Give visibility by following us on social media! @kidsinneed
  • Use your creative side to donate new tie-blankets and/or crocheted/knitted/sewed hats, mittens, and gloves for students
KINF school supply photo

Become a Kids Helping Kids Ambassador

Middle and high-school students can apply to be an ambassador for Kids Helping Kids. Each ambassador will promote a fundraiser in their community, learning valuable communications skills along the way. Ambassadors can raise support through funding and/or collection of supplies to be provided to under-resourced students.