We are committed to creating equitable learning environments for teachers and students in under-resourced communities.

A quality education is the best gateway to opportunity and provides greater possibilities for students to achieve their full potential.


It is crucial to champion the inherent dignity of kids and the quality experiences they can have throughout education.


When teachers are well-supported and appreciated, they have the ability to unlock the future potential of our nation, which is our children.

$1 donated provides of supplies to teachers and students in under-resourced schools.

Our Focus.

Our Focus.

Kids In Need Foundation is the only national nonprofit focusing on kids facing the most significant barriers. We prioritize schools where 70 percent or more of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced-cost meals through the National School Lunch Program.

 Zero cost.

Zero cost.

All school supplies and learning resources are provided to the teachers and students we serve at zero cost. Additionally, Every Teacher, Every Day provides free resources to all teachers for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

National Footprint.

National Footprint.

Kids In Need Foundation is the only nonprofit organization that has established a national distribution network, significantly increasing its reach to communities large and small across the U.S.

Racial Equity.

Racial Equity.

Kids In Need Foundation serves the U.S. schools with the highest (75%+) National School Lunch Program eligibility percentages. Data shows that 45% of Black, 43% of Latino, and 37% of Indigenous students are enrolled in schools classified at the highest poverty level, while just 8% of white students attend these schools.

"My students and their families are economically disadvantaged and they either do not buy or buy only a few or buy school supplies only once. With your donation, my students will have school supplies for the classroom and for their home where the learning continues."

- Maria Esparza - Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for this amazing opportunity!! My class LOVES the supplies that were donated! Your generosity is very much appreciated by our students, staff, and school community! Thank you for all that you do!"

-Erika Finanger - Maple Grove, Minn.

"My students were very excited, elated, and happy when they received their materials. These pictures were taken immediately after we received the materials. They received their own personal treasures. We Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness."

-DeNell Dnaiel-Bailey - Miami, Fla. 

Supply A Student

The Supply A Student Program champions educational engagement and ownership by providing students with a new backpack filled with school supplies. Teachers report these supplies help improve student preparedness, confidence, and class participation. Individual donors and financial partners can choose to provide backpacks to students at all levels, including a single class or the entire school. It's more than just a backpack.

Supply A Teacher

The Supply A Teacher Program lessens the necessity for teachers in underserved schools to personally finance or provide classroom resources. Each teacher supported through this program receives boxes filled with items necessary to fuel a full semester of learning. As part of the Supply A Teacher Program, donors and financial partners fund teachers and/or the schools at which they serve.

Your support is vital to education in America

girl with backpack